Electronic Message Centers

Impact LED offers four different Electronic Message Center (EMC) resolutions. All four resolutions, also known as pixel pitches, are based on identically sized, 12” x 12” modules. This common building block allows flexibility as a customer needs or budget changes over time. The EMCs resolution can be increased by simply changing a few parts, the entire sign does not need to be replaced.

Each 12” square module is easily removed from the front by engaging the locking mechanism through discreet holes in the face of the module.

Return on Investment

Edge To Edge Display

Starting at 1′ tall x 3′ long we can build the right sign for your project. Our zero trim cabinet design allows for maximum usage of space where every inch of the sign structure is an active viewing area. Edge to edge, vibrant beauty.

Weather Proof

Our aluminum cabinets meet NEMA IP65 protection standards and are built to excel in even the harshest of environments. A thermostat controlled air exchange system ensures that all
internal components receive the necessary ventilation for long lasting performance.


To be effective, electronic message centers must produce enough light to compete with the sun.

It is generally accepted that to compete with the sun in the middle of the day, an EMC needs to display content at 5,000 nits or above.

All sources of light dim over time and electronic message centers are no exception. Therefore, displays that are brighter from the start compete with the sun for longer.

Impact’s EMCs use sensors to change the brightness of the display to avoid blinding passers-by. The brightness can also be manually changed easily in our software.

Front Access

Cam-lock front service modules have become an industry favorite allowing easy removal and access to the inside of the sign. Our modules feature a weather seal gasket as well as a louvered mask protecting the diodes and shielding them from the sun.

Electronic Message Centers Cabinets

1. Impact Electronic Message centers come equipped with integrated slotted mounting angles and are designed to create incredible flexibility and convenience for any installation.

2. Impact’s Removable Lifting Plates are designed to make lifting the Electronic Message Center simple and safe. Impact recommends removing the lifting plates after installation & reinstalling the bolt to ensure longevity and provide a more aesthetically pleasing finished look.

Ultra High Resolution 6mm

6mm is designed for clients who need ultra-sharp images or are communicating with an audience very close to the display. A 6mm display is best viewed from 6 meters, or approximately 20 feet, and beyond.

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High Resolution 10mm

10mm is designed for clients who need crisp images or are communicating with an audience relatively close to the display. A 10mm display is best viewed from 10 meters or approximately 30 feet and beyond.

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    Enhanced Resolution 15mm

    15mm is gaining in popularity in the United States as consumers are starting to expect better and better visual presentations on EMCs. This display is best viewed from 15 meters, or approximately 50 feet and beyond. Most customers would do very well to choose a 15mm Electronic Message Center.

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      Standard Resolution 20mm

      20mm is a very popular resolution as it is the most economical and does a very good job of communicating with audiences 20 meters, or approximately 65 feet, and beyond.

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