Our Company

Who we are

Impact LED was formed by three sign industry veterans with one vision; to manufacture a quality LED sign system that was affordable. With a combined 65 years of experience in the LED sign industry and having taken part in thousands of LED sign projects – our management team has an approach seasoned with experience. The road to Impact LED started with a discussion about what features and functions most consumers find valuable. After engaging a long time engineer friend, Impact began reaching out to component vendors and purchasing samples for testing. The first concern was building a sign which met the technical parameters for success; the diodes had to be bright enough, the power supplies had to be reliable, the cabinet needed to be light weight, weather tight and simple, the control system needed to be stable with user-friendly software. After several prototypes, it became obvious that building a sign to meet the demands of an average buyer did not need to be nearly as complex or expensive as what some US based manufacturers are offering.

Most local sign shops can’t compete with larger regional shops selling high volumes of LED signs. Once the local sign shop has a quote they are often scared to mark it up for fear of losing the job. On the other hand, they are rightly scared to buy from an overseas company at dirt cheap prices. We aim to fill the gap. We don’t have the most technologically advanced product – and guess what, end users don’t care. We offer a high-quality functional sign at a price which will provide adequate profit and still be competitive.

Having come from the retail side of the industry, our team knew that internal operations would be key. Our internal operations staff is focused on customer service, responsive, accurate technical support and end user care.

Our Philosophy

Impact LED Sign always delivers a great product, a positive experience, and an excellent value to our customers.

Goals & values

  • Offering an honest and transparent sales process.

  • Providing a superior product and technology.

  • Providing the right products for each customer.

  • Respecting project timelines, always on time delivery.

  • Standing behind our product means stepping up if there is an issue.

Our experience

The team at Impact LED has been in the position of selling LED signs to end users as well as buying LED signs from manufacturers. Our previous careers in the retail side allow us to full understand and address the concerns and needs of a local sign company selling LED displays.

Services & products

LED Signs

Impact LED offers US engineered and assembled outdoor LED displays. Our product line features three different pitches or resolutions in various sizes sure to fit your project.

Video Content Production

A well-designed message means more attention and recognition thus a more positive return on investment from the LED sign. Our in-house graphic design team knows how to select colors, animations, fonts, and images that work best for your display.

Authorized Impact LED Distributers

Become an Impact LED distributor. Add our high quality, user friendly, reliable LED displays to your lineup of product offerings and start beating those high priced competitors today!

Support & Training

For every sign we have two customers, you and the end user. Our team supports you from ordering to installation and setup. After the sale we don’t expect you to be an expert on our product. End user support is a key aspect of our service commitment.