Our Warranty

5 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Each Impact LED sign includes lifetime technical support, a 5 year limited warranty, and a 10 year parts availability guarantee. We’ll always be available to help you or your client with their sign. We will never ask you to provide a credit card because you have questions and need answers. Our technicians are proficient on our hardware, our software, and focused on your end-user’s experience. Our US based technical support staff is available weekdays between 8:00am and 5:00pm EST to provide you with exceptional service and support. Our technicians will quickly evaluate and diagnose any undesired behavior of your sign and generate a plan of action to resolve any issues.

We’re right around the corner from Louisville Kentucky, which also happens to be home to a UPS World Hub. Should replacement parts be necessary for your LED sign, not only do we keep a robust inventory of components, we have the ability to deliver those parts very quickly. No LED sign is perfect, but you already knew that. What matters isn’t our ability to make an infallible sign – but our ability to resolve undesired situations as quickly as possible.