Light Sensor Placement

Impact electronic message centers feature manual as well as automatic brightness control.  Many customers choose to rely on our light sensor to automatically detect ambient brightness.  This device, when properly installed, causes the sign to become brighter and highly visible on a sunny day, or dim down to a comfortable viewing brightness in the dark of night.  Read below for best tips, tricks, and importance of light sensor placement.

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Ensuring the proper installation of the light sensor for your sign is crucial
for optimal performance.

Here are several suggestions to consider:

Avoid Artificial Light

When possible, choose a mounting location for the light sensor which will avoid interference from artificial ambient light sources such as street lights or headlights.  Artificial light on the sensor will cause the sign to be unnecessarily bright at night.

Avoid Artificial Shade

Install the sensor away from potential obstructions such as a nearby tree or awning, ensuring an unobstructed view of the sky.  Artificially shading the sensor will result in the sign being too dim during the day.

Sun Exposure is Key

Position the sensor in a location where it can exclusively detect natural sunlight. This ensures accurate readings and appropriate adjustments to your sign's brightness throughout the day.

Steer Clear of East/West

To maximize effectiveness, avoid facing the sensor East or West.  When the sensor is facing East or West, the sensor is prevented from accurately reading the true ambient light as it is shown amplified brightness or shade.  We suggest positioning the sensor either straight up at the sky, North, or South. 

Proper installation based on these guidelines will enhance the performance of your light sensor, guaranteeing a well-lit and attention-grabbing sign day and night.

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