Weather Proof

Our aluminum cabinets meet NEMA IP65 protection standards and are built to excel in even the harshest of environments. A thermostat controlled air exchange system ensures that all internal components receive the necessary ventilation for long lasting performance.

Size Options

Starting at 1′ tall x 4′ long and going all the way up to 8′ tall x 24′ long we can build the right sign for your project.


Some LED manufacturers push for blinding brightness. Our engineering research shows that this increases the likeliness of failures and accelerates the diode degradation process. We make every sign bright enough for viewing in direct sunlight but save life on the LED’s and meet the client’s expectations on diode lifespan.

Front Access

Cam-lock front service modules have become an industry favorite allowing easy removal and access to the inside of the sign. Our modules feature a weather seal gasket as well as a louvered mask protecting the diodes and shielding them from the sun.

Our zero trim cabinet design allows for maximum usage of space where every inch of the sign structure is active viewing area. Edge to edge, vibrant beauty.

Identification Area

Virtually Unbreakable Polycarbonate Faces
Second (Inside) Surface Digitally Printed Graphics
LED Illuminated
Electrical Service Disconnect Switch
Matches Depth of LED Display(s)
Matches Length of LED Display

LED Electronic Message Center

Any Height EMC
Any Length EMC
10mm/16mm/20mm pixel pitch


Pole Cover to fit your pole, or Dual Steel Legs
with Pedestal
Engineered Foundation
Anchor Bolts