Slotted Mounting Rail

Our Impact LED G3 electronic message center comes equipped with a 2" slotted mounting rail on the back, a valuable feature that streamlines installation. This slotted hole offers flexibility for precise sign alignment, eliminating the need for drilling through the rail. Installers appreciate the convenience of this pre-punched hole, although it can also be welded if necessary, making the installation process smoother and more efficient.

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Our slotted mounting rail helps installers mount the sign faster and allows for precise adjustment to achieve a perfect fit.

What else does Impact LED offer?

Cell Modem Connectivity

Enjoy a fast and easy connectivity experience thanks to our partnership with Verizon wireless. No more running ethernet cables and pointing wifi antennas. Talk with our staff to find out of cell modem connectivity is the best choice for your project.

Cloud-Based Software

Securely hosted on Amazon AWS, and ready for 2 factor authentication, our content and sign management platform is accessible from any web browser. Impact Cloud Plus is action packed with all the features your customers will expect and plenty they’ll be happy to learn!

Combo Sign Packages

Impact LED supplies customers with more than just awesome electronic message centers; check out our Standard Combination Packages. Illuminated box signs and a pole cover are a great addition to your EMC purchase, making your project faster and easier.