EMC Ventilation

Electronic Message Centers (EMCs) require ventilation in order to function properly.  Planning adequate ventilation into your sign design will contribute to the performance of the EMC and to overall success of the project.  Electrical components produce heat as they function; combined with ambient temperatures and heat from sunlight, the inside of an EMC cabinet can exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  Proper ventilation will cool the components by introducing cool air and exiting hot air.  

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Planning adequate ventilation will contribute to the long lasting performance of an EMC and the success of your sign project.

Here are several suggestions to consider:

24 Square Inches

Impact LED requires 24" of ventilation per linear foot of sign length.  This equates to 2" above and below the EMC, allowing for adequate cool air intake and heat exhaust.

Side Ventilation

In circumstances where the area above the EMC are enclosed, leaving the bottom and sides open is acceptable.

Perforated Material

For aesthetic purposes, some client's apply perforated metal or routed aluminum panels to cover open gaps.  A minimum of 40% openness material is required when closing off gaps.

Proper installation based on these guidelines will enhance the performance of your EMC.

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